General Surgery

We offer elective procedures such as spay and neuter, as well as soft tissue surgery.

Specialty Surgery

A traveling surgeon will perform specialty surgeries as the schedule allows. This includes orthopedic surgery and soft tissue surgery.


This is performed under anesthesia and includes scaling, polishing, and dental radiographs. Upon oral examination and interpretation of dental radiographs, your veterinarian decides if any further treatment is necessary during the procedure. Tooth extractions, local antibiotic, and gingival resection/mass removal are some additional procedures that may be performed.
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Preventative Teeth Cleaning

Preventative teeth cleanings are done with your pet awake! A specially trained veterinary technician from Pet Dental Services comes to our clinic once a month to provide this service.
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We place and register HomeAgain microchips to improve the chances of reunion with your pet should he or she become lost.

Sick and Injured Care

Using the history that you provide and thorough physical examination, we will recommend diagnostics and treatment for your sick or injured pet.


Needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points to provide pain relief, stimulate nerves, and reduce inflammation. Indications for acupuncture include acute and chronic pain, kidney and liver disease, seizures, etc.
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We perform radiographs for screening healthy patients and for diagnostics on sick or injured patients. Ultrasound can also be performed by special arrangement.


We use IDEXX analyzers to perform chemistry, T4, and CBC in-house. We also provide heartworm and FeLV/FIV testing in-house. We can send out blood, urine, fecal, and tissue samples to outside laboratories for other diagnostic tests.


Vaccinations are important to keep your pets healthy. Some pets need more and some need fewer vaccinations depending on their risk factors.
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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can be used to help treat a variety of conditions. Laser Therapy helps reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing at a cellular level. It helps to “jump start” the cells similar to photosynthesis in a plant.
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